Male intimate waxing: how to make clients feel comfortable

Published 24th Oct 2018 by PB Admin
Male intimate waxing: how to make clients feel comfortable

Q: How can I make male clients feel comfortable during an intimate wax? 

It’s really important to make your clients feel relaxed when performing an intimate wax, especially if they are new to your salon. Simple things like being warm and friendly, direct in conversation and acting in a professional manner will all go a long way to making them feel at ease. 

You also need to explain what’s involved in the treatment and provide clear instructions on what clothing needs removing and the purpose of the wet wipes in the room.

Another absolute must is making sure your client is stretching with you when you’re applying and removing the wax because certain parts of their body will need a bigger stretch to help minimise the discomfort and allow the hairs to be removed effectively. The bigger the stretch, the more comfortable they will be. 

You should also turn down the temperature when applying hot wax. Due to the skin in this area being thinner and more fragile, it will help reduce the heat sensation and sensitivity and allow the application of wax to be more tolerable. 

For clients to get the best results, explain the appropriate aftercare advice, even if you went through it with them the last time they came in. 

The common don’ts for the next 24 to 48 hours are no gym or swimming and to avoid wearing tight clothing. They should also invest in an antibacterial soothing cream and apply this regularly to the area. 

Jenny HunterJenny Hunter is a waxing specialist and trainer for Waxü, delivering the brand’s intimate waxing course at specialised venues. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Oct 2018

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