New beauty salon for commuters opening in train stations and airports

New beauty and hair salon concept Marie Claire Jet Style is opening in train stations and airports in 2020, offering speedy services for time-poor travellers. 

The first multi-service salon, launched in partnership with hair and beauty experts Marie Claire, will open at London’s King’s Cross St Pancras station on February 14, 2020. 

Marie Claire Jet Style will offer manicure, pedicure and blow dry treatments in 45 minutes to the 57 million travellers who pass through the station each year, with the coffee on-site provided by mega chain Starbucks. 

Another salon is planned to open at Waterloo too – the station has an impressive 113 million footfall – and the company is also in talks to launch at London Bridge, New Street and Victoria stations. 

“There are 250 million customers who use the railway network every year, so it’s strange that there isn’t anywhere in these retail hubs for women who are walking past to utilise their downtime while waiting for the train. The multi-service salon was born from this need,” founder and entrepreneur Steph Stevenson told Professional Beauty. 

Marie Claire Jet Style will also be opening in Heathrow – terminals two, three and five – in Q1 of 2020, as the brand looks to make its mark in airports too.

“49% of travellers who go through Heathrow airport are women and they have 178 minutes of nothing to do except browse duty free, which quite frankly, if you’re travelling a lot, you’re over,” added Stevenson. “I wondered why, when 75% of women work full time, there wasn’t an option to maximise this lost time.”  

The salons will take bookings from 7:30am–10pm to meet clients’ needs, and the airport locations will be open 365 days a year. 

A global rollout of Marie Claire Jet Style is planned across 215 airport hubs and 19 UK railway stations. 

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