Meet the Cast of Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-up Star Series Four

10 aspiring make-up artists are ready to put their skills to the test as they go head-to-head to be crowned Britain’s Next Make-Up Star as they compete in the fourth series of BBC Three’s hit show Glow Up.

Hosted by Maya Jama, the show will see the contestants take part in a variety of high-stakes professional assignments, ranging from TV to theatre, fashion to front covers and online beauty campaigns, overseen by resident judges L’Oréal Paris global director Val Garland and MAC Cosmetics global senior artist Dominic Skinner.

This year, guest judges throughout the eight-week competition include cosmetic dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto, Cirque Du Soleil make-up designer Maryse Gosselin, legendary make-up artist Pablo Rodriquez and TV and Film prosthetic artist Danny Marie Elias.

Meet the MUAs 

Rachel (she/her)
Rachel Glow Up Headshot
Rachel describes make-up as her ‘alter-ego’ and takes inspiration from her background in science, working for a Covid-19 vaccination company.

Charlie (he/she/they)
Charlie Glow Up Headshot
For Charlie, who suffers from gender dysphoria, make-up has created a way for them to “be somewhat at peace with myself.”

Mikaél (he/him)
Mikaél Glow Up Headshot
Ghanaian Mikaél was first drawn to make-up after moving to the UK, having not experienced male MUAs in his youth. He said make-up “has changed the way I express myself.”

Yong-chin (she/her)
Yong-chin Glow Up Headshot
First playing with make-up during lockdown, self-taught MUA Yong-chin draws inspiration from her roots in fashion, having studied fashion design at university.

Kris (he/him)
Kris Glow Up Headshot
For Kris, who was shy during childhood, art was an outlet. During lockdown Kris taught himself how to do “all prosthetics and all make-up”, and refers to make-up as his “superpower”. 

Lisa (she/her)
Lisa Glow Up Headshot
Teacher Lisa realised she needed to follow her own advice after telling her class they can do and be whoever they want. She hopes that, through taking part in the competition, she can prove to herself that she is capable.

Nancé (she/her)
Nancé Glow Up Headshot
Having worked as a freelance MUA for 10 years, Nancé feels there is still not enough representation for people of colour within the make-up industry and is here to change that.

Sophie (they/them)
Sophie Glow Up Headshot
Having grown up drawing fairies and pixies, make-up allowed Sophie to transform themself into the creatures they had been drawing for so long.

Ryan (he/him)
Ryan Glow Up Headshot
For Ryan, make-up brought him out of a dark time in his life and “helped me discover who I am.” Since, Ryan has been refining his skills to become the artist he is today.

Adam (he/him)
Adam Glow Up Headshot
Describing his style as ‘glam, glam, glam’, Adam dreams of being a celebrity make-up artist. As a Pakistani man, Adam has faced judgment for his career from people in his culture, with many saying he should not be touching a woman’s face.

Glow-Up returns tonight, May 11, to BBC Three at 8pm.