Microblading know-how: mastering ombré eyebrows

Published 16th Jan 2019 by PB Admin
Microblading know-how: mastering ombré eyebrows

Q: Should I be offering ombré eyebrow shading as well as microblading? 

Ombré brows are on the rise, and we are getting asked for this technique more and more. Microblading gives a very natural look with “hair strokes”, which are fine lines made into the skin using an ultrafine nano blade. Both techniques are smudge proof, sweat proof and a form of cosmetic tattooing.

Microblading can give a softer but defined appearance and is perfect for someone who prefers the natural eyebrow look. It is completed with a hand tool and, as the name suggests, a bladed tool, which comprises a row of fine needles. 

Ombré brows are achieved through a technique that shades the brows with a graduation. This gives a soft, powdered start, sometimes with a few visible strokes at the front, then merges into a defined powder brow. 

This method is performed with the use of a digital machine and a fine-point needle to implant the pigment into the skin. The result is pixelated brows with a soft shade.

In my experience, microblading is definitely an introduction to semi-permanent make-up and ombré brows tends to be for clients who often wear eye make-up or like that made-up brow look. Both have their place and we have definitely seen an increase in enquires and bookings in ombré brows of late. 

Laura Kay is a semi-permanent make up artist with 15 years’ industry experience and founder of training and product company Laura Kay London. 

Find out more about how microblading and semi-permanent make-up techniques differ and the training required for each. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 16th Jan 2019


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