Nails & Brows to develop product line and open more boutiques

Nails & Brows salon in Mayfair, London, has announced plans to open other locations and develop its own product line.

Owner Sherrille Riley told Professional Beauty that the business plans to open more boutiques in “key strategic areas” nationally, with the aim of becoming a destination brand. “We want to retain that ‘destination’ rather than ‘mass market’ feel,” said Riley. “So, we’re looking at other large, affluent cities to expand into.”

Riley said she was recently offered the opportunity to open a concession of Nails & Brows in an unnamed department store but instead chose to focus on more longterm plans for the business. “I decided to focus on where we want to go as a company rather than getting excited by other opportunities [that could lead us] to lose focus of our plan,” she said.

Before expanding with other salons, next in line for Nails & Brows is the development of its own line of brow products to help implement the salon’s ethos.

“The master plan is to not just be a service-led brand, but have the products to back that up with aftercare,” said Riley, adding: “We think there’s an opportunity to create products that are needed by clients, because some products are made to fill market potential, not in reaction to the needs of clients.”