Neal’s Yard: Skincare kits

Natural skincare brand Neal’s Yard Remedies has introduced five skincare kits containing four miniature versions of key staples from its range.

The Purifying Palmarosa set is targeted at clients with oily and combination skin. Designed to balance, tone and decongest, it features a Palmarosa Facial Wash, Toner, Daily Moisturiser and Facial Mask.

The Rehydrating Rose kit, containing a Rose Facial Wash, Toner, Daily Moisturiser and Facial Oil is aimed at normal skin and said to balance, hydrate and nurture.

The Rejuvenating Frankincense, which is suitable for all skin types, comprises Frankincense Facial Oil, Hydrating Cream, Toner and Refining Cleanser, and has the purpose of plumping, purifying and smoothing.

The Nourishing Orange Flower set includes products aiming to rehydrate, replenish and moisturise and comes with a Toner, Facial Wash, Daily Moisturiser and Facial Oil.

Award Winning works for all skin types, with a Rose Beauty Balm, White Tea Facial Mist, Beauty Sleep Concentrate and White Facial Mask.