Neom Organics introduces in-store “wellbeing schools”

Skincare brand Neom has introduced “wellbeing schools” in its three UK stores: Neom Organics Kings Road, Neom Organics Wimbledon and Neom Organics Leeds.

The experience begins with a scent discovery test designed to help clients pinpoint their wellbeing needs and choose which of four “wellbeing schools” is right for them.  The schools, divided into Sleep, Energy, De-Stress and Happiness, comprise a complimentary 30-minute consultation, a mini treatment, and a mindfulness exercise.

The Sleep School includes tips on pre-bedtime routines conducive to a good night’s sleep, and techniques to help you wind down at night. The Energy School comprises an “energising power class where you can learn how to top up your energy bank with just small steps”.

The De-Stress School includes products from the de-stress range, as well as de-stressing facial massage techniques. The happiness school contains mood-lifting tips, plus the use of products from the Neom Happiness range.

Clients also receive an e-book to take home, with wellbeing tips designed to help them “continue their wellbeing journey from home”.