New contract-free software provider launches for salons and spas

A new software provider is set to launch on March 1, aimed at salon and spa owners who don’t want the commitment of a long-term contract. 

Founded by Jac Flynn, a software specialist who previously worked for companies including IBM before working with several telecoms and CRM software start-ups, About the Salon will be a contract-free provider and will give salons the option to use their own hardware, such as phones, laptops or tablets, instead of being provided with equipment they don't need. This model allows owners to access the software from any device, instead of a particular computer.

Flynn said it will work on “the ability of the software to keep people using it, not the legalities”.

The booking platform also works with social media providers so clients can book appointments via Facebook, as well as allowing users to post offers on all their channels through the software, making handling multiple social media accounts easier.

Other key features include a branded app, integrated loyalty programmes and marketing functions, stock management and sales, credit card payment and a reporting suite.

“For too long this fantastic industry has been forced to use just a handful of suppliers that make salons owners sign long-term agreements and force them to use their hardware. This is a huge issue for salon owners, many of whom are sole traders. These leases make them personally responsible, so if the business is unsuccessful that agreement still needs paying. It’s crazy. We’re here to shake things up.”

The software is available online and accessible from any device. Prices start from 17p per day.