New study reveals one in four Brits avoid exercise at all costs

A new study, has found that one-in-four Brits avoid exercise at all costs, with 16% of those that do exercise only exerting themselves once a week.

 The study of 2,000 people by the British Lung Foundation was commissioned with the hope of raising awareness of the lack of access to tailored lung exercise classes around the country.

 When asked about their reasons for keeping fit and healthy, 27% said they do it to help prevent future illnesses, with a surprisingly low 20% saying they exercise to keep themselves looking their best.

 The research found that walking is the most popular exercise, followed by jogging and cycling, although one in six choose to regularly attend an exercise class.

 Mike McKevitt, head of patient services at the British Lung Foundation, said, “Our research highlights a variety of different types of exercises people can do to improve their fitness.

 “There literally is something for everyone – unless you have a lung condition. Access to lung exercise classes across the UK is patchy. Often people are left waiting months to start a course, which is unacceptable."

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