New wellness retreats launch at Vana

Indian wellness resort Vana is hosting two wellness retreats in the next two months. The seven-day Brian Page Bauerle-led retreat will be held February 19-26, while a 10-day retreat, led by Yamuna Zake, will take place March 4-14.

The retreat led by life coach and psychotherapist Brian Page Bauerle will on focus on teaching mindfulness techniques, coaching participants in how to apply them in daily life.

Incorporating coaching sessions and a personal consultation with Bauerle, the retreat will look as aspects such as self-awareness, communication and decision making.

The 10-day retreat led by Yamuna Zake will be centred on Zake’s own techniques for body sustainability. 

Retreat participants will take part in sessions on improving flexibility and range of movement, and working on body alignment, among other features. The retreat will also helping the body heal and recover.