NHBF announces Top 100 Influencer Index 2022

After launching last year, the second annual National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) Top 100 Influencer Index has been revealed for 2022. 

The top 20 influencers from the list were announced live at an event at Electric Space, London, on November 13.

The party, sponsored by PirkxCity and Guilds and The Hair and Beauty Charity, was hosted by beauty editor Keeks Reid, who revealed which number each of the Top 20 ranked at. 

The event was also live streamed on the NHBF’s YouTube channel 

Numbers 100 - 21 were announced on the NHBF’s social channels last week, with lots of new faces making the list. 

The Index provides an opportunity to recognise those in the industry that use social media to influence the sector. 

Back in July, the NHBF invited nominations from professionals currently working in the hairdressing, barbering, beauty, wellbeing or aesthetics industries. 

From an initial list of hundreds of nominations, an independent expert company then analysed these nominations based on followers, engagement and reach to decide the top 100. 

Beauty professionals took home five of the top 10 spots, as well as holding the top three positions for the second year running. 

Influencer and founder of Vieve, Jamie Genevieve, took home the top spot with skincare expert Caroline Hirons and make-up artist Cher Webb following in second and third respectively. 

Nail techs Jess Maynard and Harriet Westmoreland also secured spots in the top 20, placing sixth and eighth on the index. 

Meet the Top 20

  1. Jamie Genevieve, make-up artist and beauty influencer
  2. Caroline Hirons, skin expert
  3. Cher Webb, make-up artist
  4. Amber Rose Peake, hairstylist and barber
  5. Gareth Williams, Moroccan Oil Pro global ambassador and colourist at Salon 64
  6. Jess Maynard, The Gel Bottle Inc brand ambassador and nail artist
  7. Rob Wood, director, Novo Cabelo
  8. Harriet Westmoreland, nail artist
  9. Errol Douglas MBE, award-winning hairdresser
  10. James Earnshaw, award-winning hairdresser
  11. Pete Burkill, celebrity and session stylist
  12. Jack Howard, international colour expert
  13. Chloe Swift, Ghd global educator and hair stylist
  14. Connor James Doyle, hairdresser and educator
  15. Lauren Churchill, hairdresser
  16. Jaymz Masters, hairdresser and educator
  17. Sophia Hilton, chief executive, Not Another Salon
  18. Patrick Cameron, international hairdresser
  19. Joesph I’Anson, award-winning hairstylist
  20. Nuala Morey, hairdresser

Speaking on the results, NHBF chief executive Richard Lambert says, “Jamie Genevieve is one of the biggest beauty influencers that there is. It was no surprise that she came straight in at number one, followed closely by last year’s winner, Caroline Hirons.

“It’s been fascinating to see the ups, downs and new entries across the rest of the Index. The Top 100 Influencers Index isn’t just about numbers and reach, but influence and engagement. 

“Ours is one of the UK’s most social-media-aware industries and we wanted to pay homage to those who use their channels to share their knowledge and opinions, and those who promote our industry in such a positive way.”

Congratulations to all those who made the top 100. 

Who do you think should’ve made the list? Let us know in the comments….