Nottingham and London named best UK cities for beauty lovers

Nottingham has been named the UK’s best city for beauty lovers, with a high level of salons and shops for its residents that deliver good quality services, found a new study by hair clinic Longevita.

The research used data from Open Street Map, Yelp and World Population Review to create a list of the UK’s top beauty-loving cities, based on the average rating for services in each area, as well as the number of quality beauty and hair salons and cosmetic shops in comparison to the population (i.e. the higher the number of businesses in comparison to per 100,000 people the better). 

Nottingham scored a strong 8.34 out of 10, with high reviews and a good quality of beauty and hair salons and shops on offer in the area, followed by London in second place with a ranking of 6.97/10 and Sheffield in third with 5.19/10, the report found. 

Bristol came in last place with a score of 1.61/10 and part of the reason is because the city only has four hairdressers per 100,000 people, the study states. Liverpool ranked second from the bottom with a score of 1.77/10, which is partly because it only has two beauty salons and one cosmetic shop per 100,000 people. 

Top four UK cities for beauty lovers: 

  1. Nottingham – 8.34/10
  2. London – 6.97/10
  3. Sheffield – 5.19/10
  4. Birmingham – 4.07/10

This news comes as other industry research has revealed that Edinburgh is the UK city where skin is least impacted by the environment and Exeter has come out top as the place to live for “skincare wellness”

Longevita also examined the data on a wider scale, looking for the best European cities for cosmetics lovers, with Düsseldorf in Germany coming out top with a score of 9.65/10; followed by Paris, France, with 9.60/10; and Zaragoza, Spain, with 9.60/10, the report found. 

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