Why wellness matters: an open letter from the World Wellness Weekend

Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of World Wellness Weekend explains why wellness matters more than ever in his open letter to industry professionals, ahead of the World Wellness Weekend on September 19-20 2020.

People need wellness more than ever; physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness and social wellness. No one knows when a vaccine is going to be found and made available for the masses. What we can do in the meantime is strengthen our immune systems. We can be more active and we can find moments of calm each day, even if they are brief, to build resiliency.

Wellness does not start with ‘me’, but with ‘we’. We should become the artisans of healthier and more vibrant lifestyles. Wellness does not just help to survive, it helps to thrive. This is the goal of the World Wellness Weekend

The Wellness Pledge

In these challenging times, we can either endure the hardships that salon owners and spa managers are facing with their teams, or we can rise to the challenge and take a stand.

Those participating in the World Wellness Weekend are encouraged to take the Wellness Pledge and positively impact the lives of people near or far, through solidarity and a sense of purpose. The pledge encourages those to team up with a ‘wellness buddy’ to ripple the benefits of enhanced wellbeing.

While some countries are reopening (in Asia & Europe) with restrictions, some are still in lockdown with the first wave of Covid-19 in Central and South America, while some are partly reopening and then closing again (in the USA and Australia).

Through all this confusion among Governments' agendas and fluctuating regulations, we can either do the best we can, in our respective countries, when it is allowed and safe to reopen, or we can show a united front in 100+ countries during the fourth World Wellness Weekend to catch the attention of the media and share the same message.

Why wellness matters

It is safe for people to return to their favorite spas and beauty salons; it is essential to boost their vitality; it is vital to manage stress and pacify busy minds through serenity and resiliency, as the next wave to hit humanity may be loneliness, isolation and depression.

Since March 2020, the John Hopkins University has announced that over 600,000 people died because of the complications from Covid-19, especially people with co-morbidity (such as obesity and diabetes). 

The World Health Organization estimates that each year, chronic diseases prematurely claim the lives of 32 million people (60% of all deaths). Because of cancer, strokes, Type II diabetes and cardiac and pulmonary diseases, one person in the world dies prematurely every 0.9 seconds.

Doctor and nurses are the first line of responders facing the coronavirus. We should be the second line of responders, helping people towards vibrant health, inspiring and empowering people towards the best version of themselves. It should be our duty to guide people to try new wellness activities, treaments and programs; to guide people to switch towards healthier lifestyles and prevent chronic diseases. 

The importance of wellness professionals

What professionals do in spas, beauty salons, fitness clubs is essential for the wellbeing of humanity. In these times of uncertainty for humanity, the most important factor of your success is not location, but vocation. Your expertise matters. Your passion matters. Your connection with your team and local citizens matters.

Together, let's make some noise in the media about how important wellness is. Let's make people sign up online and organize an urban run or host a yoga session in a park or on the beach.  Let’s encourage people, professionals and cities to post photos and videos that bring a smile from one ear to the other (even behind a mask).

Let's make them want to walk, run, hike, bike, dance and to experience the joy of how great it feels to be well. Together let’s make a noise about wellness – not just #WellnessForAll, but also #WellnessByAll.


Jean-Guy de Gabriac is the founder World Wellness Weekend. Since 2001 Jean-Guy has been consulting hotels, spas, salons around the world, He is also initiative chair of the Global Wellness Institute, conference producer of World Spa & Wellness Conventions (Dubai,London, Phuket) and a judge of the World Spa & Wellness Awards.

Find out more about the World Wellness Weekend and how your business can take part here.