World Wellness Weekend launches new website

As many countries start re-opening their businesses, the World Wellness Weekend has launched a brand-new website with many upgraded features to give exposure to wellness-related professionals around the globe.

The fourth edition of the World Wellness Weekend is taking place on September 19 & 20, 2020, and now has a new website with a whole host of features.

The new World Wellness Weekend website will be available in 11 different languages (including Arabic, Russian, Greek, Hindi and Thai) and includes the following features.

A World Wellness Map

"one-click geo-locator" helps you to find wellness professionals near you, wherever you are in the world. Users can enter the name of a city in any language (eg. London, Londres, or Londra are all recognised) or click ‘locate me’ to find the closest registered venues to them.

A Wellness Pledge

Website visitors can take the Wellness Pledge to positively impact their wellbeing. Decide on your personal wellness objective such as becoming more active more often, being able to be more flexible to prevent back pain or manage stress better.

Then, with support of a ‘wellness buddy’, participants are encouraged to put some money into a ‘wellness jar’ or piggy bank each week. On World Wellness Weekend (19-20 Sept) they can celebrate the achievement of their personal goal, see how much money you have put aside, and decide to donate it to a local charity or an NGO of your choice. 

Online Registration 

The 50 Ambassadors of World Wellness Weekend have worked tirelessly to translate, so that venues in their cities and countries can register online in their language to showcase their activities for locals. Plus, translations are available for some or all of their activates in other languages, so they can inform international guests.

Wellness Content Year-round

The Blog section of the website features tips from experts around the world and registered venues, including information of the five pillars of wellness (Sleep, Nutrition, Vitality, Serenity, Solidarity) and soon video sessions. Plus, registered venues can organise free activities for participants to enjoy, with special wellness events soon to be announced.

Users can call or email venues directly, and share a venue’s page on social platforms to encourage wellness buddies to tag along. 

World Wellness Weekend

Get ready for the World Wellness Weekend on September 19 & 20 by registering your venue (this video tells you how to register) and this countdown to the World Wellness Weekend will show you exactly how you can prepare, month by month.

Watch the World Wellness Weekend’s video to find out more and visit the new website at World Wellness Weekend.