#PBLive: the trends that will shake up make-up in 2020

Published 27th Sep 2019 by PB Admin
#PBLive: the trends that will shake up make-up in 2020

A closer link between make-up and technology, and more juxtaposition between textures are among the trends we can expect in make-up next year.

Celebrity make-up artist and professional presenter Armand Beasley talks us through these and other trends in our weekly #PBLive video. 

"There’s going to be evolution with using your handheld device to see what kind of looks suit you, not only as a consumer but as a make-up artist," says Beasley. "So, you can create your trends on your smart phone and people can tap into that and see if those trends suit them.

"I think we’re also going to see a lot of different textures. So, we’ve seen matte mixed with gloss – there’s a lot of gloss placement at the moment around the eye area and then very matte lips. That's going to be seen more on the body and a lot in nail art as well." 

We also speak to Beasley about the launch of his first ever product, Pro Body Glow. Developed in collaboration with BuzzBalm Beauty, the product is skin nourishing and also acts as a skin finisher, creating a luminous sheen. Beasley gives us a first look at the product as he demos it in the video. 

We also get a taster of what Beasley will be speaking about on the Warpaint Stage at Professional Beauty North on October 13–14. In addition to speaking, Beasley will host the whole stage, introducing the other speakers. He is also the head judge for the Real Beauty category at the Warpaint make-up championships, taking place at the show, and shares a few tips on what he will be looking for from competitors in the video.

Beasley will be talking about “Vegan, Natural and Organic – Beauty with a Conscience” at the Professional Beauty North show, taking place on October 13–14 at EventCity Manchester. There’s still time to book your place on his, or any of the other talks. If you are interested in entering the Warpaint make-up championships that he judges, you can find out more here

The only way to get into Professional Beauty North for free is to register for your ticket in advance. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th Sep 2019

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