Pevonia provides access to water in developing countries via new charity campaign

Skincare and spa brand Pevonia has launched WOW, a global campaign centred on the concepts of World of Wellness and Wellness of World. 

It is designed to recognise that Pevonia is founded around a belief in protecting the Earth's natural resources with sustainable, ethical, sourcing and biodegradable formulas, and is also making an investment into creating positive change. 

One of the pillars of the World of Wellness and Wellness of World campaign is: Conservation and Clean Water. 

This led the company to become a proud supporter of "charity: water", which has funded more than 38,000 water projects across 27 countries and brought water to more than 9.5 million people since launching in 2006. 

100% of all public charity: water donations go to fund water projects, while private donors cover operating costs.

Each project is chosen according to water availability, culture and economic conditions. They include: drilled wells; hand-dug wells; spring protections; rain catchments; bio-sand filters; water purification systems and rehabilitations.

The availability of fresh, clean water makes considerable differences to the lives of those who could not otherwise access it. Community health is improved in developing countries where 80% of diseases are waterborne, and preventable with clean water and improved sanitation.

Instead of children spending their days collecting water or unwell with a water-related illness, they are able to go to school and gain an education. Women, too, are twice as likely as men to walk for water. Water projects can save them time and give them freedom and opportunity. 

Every £1 invested in clean water can yield £4 to £12 in economic returns, depending on the region and type of project. Charity: water’s team works to ensure that all money is accounted for and reports back to donors.

Through its two-year programme and donation, Pevonia International will fund four rehabilitated wells with handpumps for a community in Eastern Uganda.

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