New online education platform launches for salons and spas during Covid-19

At a time when beauty salons and spas feel disconnected from their teams, clients and businesses, technology and online resources are proving vital to ensure we stay informed, inspired, motivated and educated during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Marine bio-technology skincare brand Phytomer is helping beauty salons and spas during this difficult time by giving them access to a world of virtual training and education via Phytomer e-connect (pictured below) – a comprehensive online library of high-value video content and mentoring on the brand’s products, treatments, retail ranges and technical development.

Known for its invention and innovation, Phytomer’s “Living Training Guide” is available exclusively to its customers, giving access to a range of resources that deepen product knowledge across the entire range, as well as imparting expertise to understand retail and how products and treatments are positioned. 

Additionally, Phytomer e-connect increases understanding of treatment protocols with training and tips, along with advice on how to maximise income potential, position, sell and cross-sell – all important things to think about before reopening post-lockdown.

Phytomer e-connect online platform

“After a very disrupted, challenging and frustrating year, now is a great time to reflect on the product, treatment and retail experiences offered to clients. We’re on-hand to talk to spas and salons now, and as an ongoing support platform. Phytomer e-connect will bring us all closer together,” said UK director Fiona Peerless.

“As part of our in-person training and support resources, spas and salons can use this to glean information and expertise, and help their professional development in preparation for when they can reopen again.”    

Discover Phytomer e-connect today.

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As a world-leading expert in marine bio-technology, Phytomer has transformed skincare built on a passion for the sea and its natural live-giving properties. Join 10,000 spas in 80 countries that have discovered the secret to sensational skincare 

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