Why everyone is talking about this moisturiser for very dry skin

Marine spa brand Phytomer has launched salvation product Nutritionnelle Firming Lift Cream for clients with very dry skin.

The soft, rich cream incorporates a cocktail of marine and plant oils that bring comfort, hydration and protection to the skin, resulting in a visibly plumper complexion from morning-to-night, says the brand, as feelings of tightness disappear upon application.

With Phytomer’s exclusive infusion of marine and plant ingredients, Hydrafusion hydrates the epidermis from its deepest layers right up to the skin’s surface, reinforcing tight junctions and maintaining hydration under any weather conditions. 

A quartet of plant oils – dictyopteris, glasswort, buckwheat and apricot kernel – act to strengthen the lipid barrier by boosting the synthesis of lipids and reinforcing the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), as ceramides restore the barrier function by filling gaps in the skin's structure.

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Phytomer Nutritionnelle Firming Lifting Cream

How effective is the product for dry skin?

The clinical trials showed that from the first application women experienced:

*Satisfaction test on 24 women, twice-daily application for 28 days.

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Spa/salon price: £30.01+VAT; RRP: £56.50


Visit Phytomer Professional, call 01892 750 850 or email info@australianbodycare.co.uk for details on how to become a partner. 


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