Pinterest reveals most searched-for 2019 beauty trends

Ideas-sharing website Pinterest has revealed its top 100 list of trends predicted to define consumer shopping and lifestyle behaviours in 2019.

Natural extracts topped the beauty trends list, following on from the popularity of plant-derived ingredients in the past few years.

Elderberry and plant extract bakuchiol, which is being compared to retinol for its anti-ageing efficacy, are billed to be two of the most popular natural skincare ingredients of the year, with an increase of 685% in searches for elderberry recipes and 275% in searches for bakuchiol.

Interest in ginger, hailed in the aromatherapy world for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, grew by 659%, as users searched “ginger oil” for ideas to use in baths and massages.

Meanwhile witch hazel is experiencing a resurgence as a solution for problem skin, with searches up 305%, while Pinterst users are seeking out natural solutions such as castor and grapeseed oil to boost their lashes by searching for “natural lash lifts”, up 52%.

In terms of make-up, it looks as though bold lip colours are on their way back after more subtle shades took centre stage in 2018 – searches for “standout lip colour” increased by 467%.

Interest in glossy lips and make-up in general is also gaining traction, with “glossy make-up” searches up by 89%.

And despite falling out of favour with many nail techs, Pinterest saw a 442% increase in searches for “powder dip nails” over the past six months, predicted consumer interest to hold out well into next year.

Pinterest defines a trend by monitoring what its 250 million+ users search for, and following any terms that gain more and more searches over a short period of time. A term that holds a steady upward trajectory for six months becomes a trend.

Bakuchiol has been in the press owing to a study comparing its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as similar to that of retinol, but without irritation.