Portsmouth and Sheffield most body confident cities in the UK

Portsmouth is the UK’s most body confident city, with 21% in the area saying they love the way they look.

A study into Brits body confidence by cosmetic surgery experts MYA discovered that a fifth of Portsmouth natives wouldn’t change a thing about themselves, ranking their eyes and skin as their top features.

Many in this area are also happy with their stomach, which contrasts with the rest of the UK who cited it as one of their least loved body parts.

However, Portsmouth residents did state that social media has the biggest effect on their confidence, claiming that staying away from the platforms is one of the biggest boosts to their confidence.

Sheffield came out as the second most confident city, with 13% saying they wouldn’t change a thing about their body and 16% saying their smile was their best feature, the study found.

Coventry came in third, with many stating their eyes as their best feature (30%), but 60% admitted they hated their stomach and 38% claimed the visible signs of ageing was the biggest knock to their confidence.

Swansea came bottom, with no respondents in the city claiming they were happy with their body – only 29% said they were” somewhat” confident with the way they look. Not to mention that more than a quarter (35%) admitted they had been affected negatively by weight gain, and the same amount of respondents in this area wishing they had a flatter stomach. 

The 10 most body confident cities in the UK are:

  1. Portsmouth
  2. Sheffield
  3. Coventry
  4. Birmingham
  5. Norwich
  6. Brighton and Hove
  7. Cardiff
  8. Southampton
  9. Liverpool
  10. Cambridge

“The results of our survey show that body confidence has really come a long way in the last few years,” said John Ryan, chairman of MYA Cosmetic Surgery. “But there’s still a way to go before everyone feels comfortable in their skin, and there’s a lot of misconceptions about what body confidence looks like, or what type of person is seen as body confident.”

MYA also quizzed all UK respondents about what their favourite physical feature is, with eyes (20%), hair (7%) and smile (7%) coming out top, while stomach (31%) and breasts/chest (7%0 were voted Brits least favourite body parts. 

See full MYA infographic here

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