Professional Beauty London Nail Competition: the winners

Nail professionals went head-to-head at Professional Beauty London’s Nail Competition, in association with the Federation of Nail Professionals (the Feds).

Students, Nail Professionals and Educators competed in nine categories to be crowned winners of the competition on Sunday 17 and Monday 18 October at ExCeL London.

Those with the most points across the categories were crowned Student of the Year, Nail Professional of the Year and Educator of the Year at the awards, hosted and presented by Sue Davies and Marian Newman from the Federation of Nail Professionals.

And the winners are:

Bridal Challenge

Joint Winners – Lauren McBride and Dominikia Jedrzejczak


Liquid and Powder Enhancements

Winner – Ilona Barkowski


Salon Enhancements

1st – Jade Barber

2nd – Lauren McBride


UV Gel Polish (Nail Professional)

1st – Angela Gaffney

2nd - Dominikia Jedrzejczak

3rd – Nia Grumwald


UV Gel Polish (Educator)

Joint Winners - Antonia Catalano, Elysia Harmony & Ilonda Borkowski


The Perfect Manicure

1st – Lauren McBride

2nd – Anotonia Catalano

3rd - Dominikia Jedrzejczak


Educator Skills Challenge

1st – Laura Peat

2nd – Theresa Foddering

3rd – Kimberly Reid


Instagram Photographic (Nail Professional)

1st – Zoey Hughes

2nd – Dani Bailey


Instagram Photographic (Educator)

1st - Laura Peat

2nd – Kimberly Reid

3rd – Pippa Trotter


Press Ons in a Box (Nail Professional)

1st – Eugenia Prudentio


Press Ons in a Box (Educator)

1st – Kimberly Reid

2nd – Sarah Roberts

3rd – Laura Peat

Learn a Skill

1st - Lauren McBride

2nd - Michelle Harding

3rd - Dominika Jedrzekczak


Student of the Year

Winner – Zoey Hughes

Runner Up – Daisy Tushingham


Nail Professional of the Year

Winner – Dominika Jedrzekczak

Runner Up – Angela Gaffney


Educator of the Year

Winner – Lauren McBride

Runner Up – Laura Peat


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the Federation of Nail Professionals.


Special thanks to all the judges:

Jacqui O’Sullivan – Head Judge

Agnes Dullo – Educator Skills Challenge

Alex Fox - Instagram Photographic, Press Ons in a Box

Belinda Price - Bridal Challenge, The Perfect Manicure

Ela Loszczyk - Educator Skills Challenge

Eve Oxberry - Instagram Photographic, Press Ons in a Box

Francesca Manzi - UV Gel Polish, The Perfect Manicure

Gemma Lambert Lewis - Liquid & Powder Enhancements, UV Gel Polish

Kirsty Meakin - Liquid & Powder Enhancements, Educator Skills Challenge, Learn a Skill

Kristina Manners - Educator Skills Challenge

Linda Hill - Salon Enhancements

Maria Cientanni - Learn a Skill

Michelle Brooks - Liquid & Powder Enhancements

Sabrina Malik - Bridal Challenge, UV Gel Polish, The Perfect Manicure

Sammy MacDonald - Salon Enhancements

Sue Marsh - Instagram Photographic, Press Ons in a Box

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