Professional Spa & Wellness North Speaker in the spotlight: Davina Hassell

Davina Hassell, spa director at Serenity Spa at the UK’s Seaham Hall hotel and one of the speakers at Professional Spa & Wellness North in Manchester on September 20-21, on why social media matters

What made you want to speak on the topic of Social media strategies to retain and grow your existing customer base?
Because social media is an extremely fast-moving medium that is accessible both to businesses and to consumers. It’s exciting and in most instances free; one of the best tools to communicate with your clients and an area where you can instantly see results when it comes to revenue

What do you plan to cover during the session?
I will share some facts and figures from Serenity Spa at Seaham Hall, to showcase the different forms of social media we use, demonstrate the importance of using different effective tools, and show that the use of social media is sustainable, whatever the size of your business.

What do you hope delegates will take away from the session?
I hope people will realise that we are in a digital era and we have to adapt in order to keep ahead and move with the time. We have to embrace change.

What are the most important elements that events such as Professional Spa & Wellness North bring to the industry?
They provide the opportunity to meet with likeminded professionals, so we can share our experiences and learn new things. They're a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening in our industry.

Which other sessions are you particularly looking forward to at this year's conference?
I am looking forward to listening to Sue Davies, naturopath at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, speak about treating cancer patients in spas.

Which are the key global spa industry trends at the moment?
The spa industry as a whole is moving towards incorporating wellness, with each [business] using its own platform and interpretation. I’m also excited to see that the treatment of cancer patients in spas is now being addressed. I think this is a grey area that needs more education and awareness to make sure we offer safe and effective treatments to cancer sufferer, during any stage of the illness.

The Social Media Strategies to Retain and Grow your Existing Customer Base panel debate is at 11am on Monday September 21. To view the full Professional Spa & Wellness North programme, or book a pass to the conference, taking place as part of Professional Beauty North at the Manchester Central exhibition centre on September 20-21, click here