Research reveals drastically different costs of a Brazilian wax around the world

A Brazilian wax costs just £4.50 in Egypt, while in Venezuela the treatment would set you back a huge £123.52.

The stark differences in the cost of the popular waxing service were highlighted in research by Latin American e-commerce platform Linio in its 2017 Beauty Prices Index.

The UK ranked 10th most expensive among 50 countries for a Brazilian, at an average price of £27.13. After Venezuela the second and third most expensive countries were Denmark (£67.13) and South Korea (£51.27).

Colombia and Guatemala followed closely behind Egypt in the list of the most purse-friendly places, with average prices for a Brazilian £5.43 and £6.45 respectively.

“Getting a Brazilian wax before going on holiday is as commonplace as stocking up on sunscreen, a costly item which vacationers often purchase once they arrive at their destination to save money. There’s no reason why beauty treatments such as waxing should be any different,” commented Andreas Mjelde, chief executive officer at Linio.

“I believe that holidaymakers would certainly be tempted to forgo the familiarity of their usual salon if they’re able to get a high-class treatment on holiday at a fraction of the price they would at home.”