Sienna Beauty: How a salon owner built her beauty business in memory of her daughter

Published 15th Jun 2023 by PB Admin

The year Doey Ragbourne started her lash and brow business was both the best, and worst, year of her life. 

Ragbourne had the fire in her belly to provide, as mothers do, and was beginning to get her new beauty business up and running.

Sadly, baby Sienna passed at three and a half months, but her mum’s business continued in her namesake and memory.

With unimaginable courage, an abundance of grace, and the management system that fit her specific needs, Ragbourne was able to turn Sienna Beauty into a very special success. Here’s how she did it. 

Down to business

When your business is a living memorial to your daughter, the experience your clientele receives is much more personal.

Ragbourne set out to create a salon where clients would walk in and feel like they’re in the midst of a little girl’s dream.

When Vagaro caught up with her at her studio in Sonning Common, the team immediately felt and understood the experience Ragbourne set out to create, transported to a pink wonderland full of flowers, plush fabrics, and garden swings – the salon reflects a young girls dreamland. 

But, it’s more than the décor that brings clientele through her doors. 

Ragbourne explains that she’s seen a massive uptick in lash & brow services, with clients confessing they can’t go without their beauty fix.

This makes sense, seeing as the hair & beauty industry has pulled in £2.5 billion in 2023 alone, with the market still only trending upward.

She may be busy, but behind the scenes, Ragbourne has it all under control with Vagaro’s premium booking and business management software. It handles all the backend humdrum while Ragbourne does what she loves—spreading beauty. But why Vagaro?

Why she chose Vagaro 

When asked why she decided to use Vagaro to manage her salon, Ragbourne shared, “The Vagaro team has been super supportive and helped me understand the whole system. It’s been amazing. 

“The people I’ve dealt with have been so personal with my business and getting to know my needs.”

Success is a personal matter for Ragbourne. Having a child made her look her fears square in the eye and proceed anyway because she knew she had to provide. The courage that being a mother brings was what she needed in order to start her business journey.

Ragbourne looked to her daughter as the catalyst for her success and knows her child’s all-too-brief life carried great meaning and purpose.

Her own life has since been on a completely new trajectory, and Vagaro is just glad to be along for the ride.

If you’d like to learn more about Vagaro and what it can do for your business, visit them here.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 15th Jun 2023

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