Skin conditions a big source of anxiety for the average woman

Skin issues can be so damaging that they cause the average woman to worry about her skin for 18 months of her life, or 32 minutes every day, according to research commissioned by consumer skincare brand Liz Earle.

2,000 women were surveyed as part of the research for founder Liz Earle’s new book, and acne was the biggest concern for most, with four in 10 a sufferer. The women also shared that eczema, psoriasis, signs of ageing and dark under eye circles were sources of anxiety, with over a fifth adding that they have considered surgical procedures on areas of concern.

Only 4% said their skin gave them confidence, while 45% confessed to using a lot of make-up because they were unhappy with their skin. Skin problems are apparently affecting women’s social lives too – 44% said looking at pictures of themselves on social media gave them anxiety about their skin, and half said they dread going to big events in case it’s a bad skin day.

The women were also asked about their skincare routines. 82% moisturised, 69% cleansed and 50% exfoliated; and the average time spent on a routine was nine minutes.

“I found it staggering that almost half of those questioned are suffering from a serious skin disorder such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea – and also dread going to a special event of social occasion because they worry about their skin,” said Earle, adding: “With record numbers of teenagers and middle-aged women clinically depressed, we need more awareness of how to take care of our skin so we look better – and feel better about ourselves.”