Skincare products to protect therapists and clients as salons reopen

After a long and stressful few months, the countdown to the reopening of UK salons is upon us. With new guidelines around health and safety at the forefront of all salon owners’ minds, it is important to find effective products and solutions that meet these new standards and protect both your employees and your clients from the threat of Covid-19.

Introducing the Kaeso Protect range of anti-bacterial cleansers. With Public Health England’s guidelines advising that at least 60% alcohol is needed for products be effective against bacteria, these formulas are created with 70% alcohol to shield hard-working hands from 99% of bacteria. Kaeso Protect products will give hands a refreshing clean, while protecting the skin.

While many anti-bacterial products dry out the skin because of their high alcohol content, Kaeso’s Protect range is formulated with a blend of essential oils that will leave the skin feeling refreshed and soothed. With bergamot and lemongrass, the quick-drying formulas sanitise the skin prior to treatment and prevent infection.

Unlike many other anti-bacterial products, the Protect range has a fresh, fruity citrus fragrance with notes of uzu lime, sliced cucumber and grapefruit to refresh the senses along with the skin.

Guidelines are recommending increasing the time between appointments/clients to allow sufficient time to cleanse and santise both yourself and your treatment area. These three products offer a variety of different cleansing options depending on employees' needs and timescales.

Protect Moisturising Hand Wash

Hand wash is vital in the fight against bacteria and should be used before each and every client to ensure you are protecting them against any potential threats of infection. Kaeso Protect Moisturising Hand Wash is available in 250ml and should be applied to wet hands and massaged well (at least 20 seconds) for a thorough clean, then rinsed. 

No Rinse Hand Cleanser

Available in 250ml and salon friendly 500ml, this a great essential for that salon environment. Encourage colleagues and clients to use throughout the day in the fight against bacteria to refresh and instantly clean without the need to rinse. Kaeso recommends popping one at every station to ensure you and your clients are protected.

Refreshing Hygiene Spray

Perfect for an instant cleanse, this is great for use prior to treatment. This handy, non-rinse spray formula is a convenient solution in fighting bacteria and its quick-drying formula will leave hard-working hands protected and refreshed. This is the ideal product to use before, during and after treatments to make your clients feel at ease.

As with all Kaeso products, the Protect Range is created with natural ingredients and is free from parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol and mineral oil. It's 100% vegan friendly. All products are marked with the Kaeso green leaf approval so you can use them with the knowledge that they are safe for both you and your clients.

To order, email PBS Beauty or call 0141 812 5000.

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