SPEAKER ALERT: Jeff Matthews

In the run-up to the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention, we talk to Jeff Matthews, president at Steiner Spa Consulting. Jeff shares his thoughts about the event, his presentation and the current challenges in the industry.

Session: Human Resources: Help your Team Bloom & Flourish by Unlocking their Motivation and Potential

When: Sunday 28 Feb at 3:50pm

- How would you describe your presenting style?
I'm very direct and I don't believe in beating around the bush. 

 - What makes a good presentation at an event like this? Whats does the speaker need to deliver to make it worth the attendees' time and money? 
You must be genuine, speak from your experiences and tell it like it is. People have taken valuable time from their hectic schedules to come and hear us speak. They are looking for help, inspiration and direction. If they don't walk away with some of these goals achieved then they have wasted their time and money. We must share our successes and failures with them and give them real time numbers, so they can use this to evaluate what they do.

 - What made you interested in chairing the Human Resources session?
First, there are some amazing panellists lined up. Secondly, I really believe that HR is the one skill set that most of us get wrong. It’s not that we are not smart enough to get it right but given the always-changing ways in which people view themselves and their jobs you need to be very aware of how to help unlock your staff’s true potential. This is vital to everyone's success.

 - What do you hope delegates will take away from this session?
Small bite-sized advice on what to do and, more importantly, what not to do when dealing with issues in your business. I also really want to draw out from the speakers what they have not done well in their own spas, because it’s from mistakes that we really learn. 

- Why are networking and education events such as the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention important for the industry? 
It allows us to gauge where we are in our careers. Who is doing what better than I am? What do I need to do to get better, bigger, richer, smarter? It inspires you to go that extra mile and I love that.

 - Which are the biggest challenges and the biggest opportunities currently facing the global spa and wellness industry?
The biggest challenges are still recruiting and training staff. Thankfully companies like Spa Connectors are helping to change that but it’s still difficult. As for opportunities, they range from collaborating with other spas and creating alliances to developing spa brands tailored to individual hotels – so they have a USP, a point of difference. This industry still has legs; it’s not a trend, it’s here to say.

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