Sponsored blog: everything you need to know about Dermatude Meta Therapy

How it works:
Dermatude Meta Therapy is a dual-action treatment that uses the body's own healing response, along with active natural ingredients, to produce overall skin rejuvenation results.

It works by creating temporary microperforations in the skin and delivering active ingredients through the newly opened channels down to the basal cell layer. This enables contact with the live cells, which are receptive to the nourishing active ingredients or subjectables.

The basal cell layer is our skin's protective layer from outside influences. It’s where the live cells just below in the dermis meet the layers above that, although no longer living, form a strong and virtually impenetrable barrier – it’s the live cells that can be influenced and nourished.

During the treatment, the microperforations penetrate through the basal layer, enabling the vitality in the subjectable ingredients to reach the top of the dermis – the perfect depth to be effective and reach the living cells.

These microperforations start to close shortly after, as the body responds and begins to heal, making use of the active subjectable ingredients deposited during treatment. The basal layer remains intact, however, collagen and elastin production is now under way. This first closes the open channels and continues to create the fullness that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, the texture of the skin becomes more refined, pores tighten and are visibly reduced.

Image: Dermatude machine

The benefits:
It’s a 30-minute treatment with none of the inconvenient downtime that tends to come with other anti-ageing treatments. It produces fresh, natural and beautiful results, which build up over a course of treatments.

Image: ©Martine Lanoe/Allure Hair & Beauty pic – Dermatude, 1.) before, 2.) treatment one, 3.) treatment two. Stem Cell Reactivator Subjectable formula.

The products:
The formulas, which combine natural botanicals and high-tech cultures, work to enhance results and care for the skin – post-treatment and beyond.The range has been created to complement the in-salon treatment by using the same active ingredients in the facial creams and specialist serums, maintaining the nourishment of skin afterwards.

The Oxygen Boost cleanser and toner are suitable for all skin types and gently cleanse and restore the natural pH balance in the skin. The products contain revatilin and pentavitin – two ingredients that encourage cell renewal and retention of hydration.

The facial creams and serums boost treatment results by continuing to deliver the benefit of key ingredients, such as in the Active Hydra Booster range with natural and vital sodium hyaluronate, or the Extreme Lifting Complex which provides an anti-ageing, antioxidant and wrinkle-smoothing cocktail of vitamins A, C and E.

If you’re aiming for targeted results, then the Stem Cell Reactivator range, which contains PhytoCellTecTM Argan for treatment and daily use of the PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica stem cell culture, and Q10 beads in the facial cream and serum for fighting wrinkles. Each deliver scientifically-proven skin protection qualities for post-treatment care.

For those with hyperpigmentation or sun damage issues, the Pigment Equalizer range is formulated to fade and soften pigmented areas without harsh chemicals. The natural plant extracts uva ursi leaf and mitracarpus scaber extract are fused with technology to deliver results.

After treatment, the channels are still open so you have a further 15-minutes to deliver an additional dose of active ingredients. The Intense Restorer Mask, which is for the face, neck and décolleté, is perfect as it contains skin softening peptides while the fine molecular structure locks in moisture and transfers active ingredients.

There are four products in the range that provide specialty care, formulated to be used directly after Dermatude Meta Therapy, so are safe on open skin. For the delicate eye area, the PepX Eye Boost smooths skin and relaxes stubborn wrinkle “memory” with active argireline (peptide).

The Perfect Skin CC corrects and protects the skin, evening out tone and redness, while Perfect Skin Blur Cream provides a good base to apply make-up on, giving a radiant appearance.

Dermatude Multi Defense SPF 30 is a UVA and UVB block that cares for the skin as much as it protects it – moisturising, soothing, firming and calming while stimulating the production of new cells.

Image: The Dermatude product range 

Important information:
Dermatude products are not tested on animals and are paraben and perfume-free. The range is available in specialist trained salons, clinics and spas and can be purchased from UK exclusive provider Nouveau Skin Therapy, part of the Nouveau Beauty Group.

Written by Trish Carey, sales and marketing manager at Nouveau Skin Therapy.