Sponsored blog: 5 special offer ideas that won't undermine your treatment prices

Published 11th Aug 2016 by PB Admin
Sponsored blog: 5 special offer ideas that won't undermine your treatment prices

Aoife Kelly-Cooney, from The First Impressions Team at Phorest, reveals five special offer ideas you can implement in your salon that won't undermine your prices.

One of the greatest challenges of running a salon is discovering unique ways to increase business without giving away services or retail at reduced prices (or for free). In the short-term, discounting might seem like a quick, easy way to bring more clients through the door. However, lowering your prices does absolutely nothing to create long-term business. With that in mind, we’ve rounded-up five highly effective salon special offer ideas that you can put into action.

Research tells us that the majority of your clients are not motivated by savings but by rewards for their loyalty instead. So, the question is – why produce salon special offers based on discounting?

1. Add value instead of discounting
Small extras are, more often than not, perceived as little luxuries. The aim of course is for your client to love the results so much that they will pay for the same treatment on one of their next visits.

I know from personal experience, that if it weren’t for a therapist including a complimentary body mask into my treatment many moons ago, I would have saved a lot of money since then. However, ever since I had that experience I cannot forgo asking for the same treatment to be included as I know that the results just won’t be as good without it.

Another example of added-value salon special offers would be the introduction of an additional treatment during a client’s facial. For instance, if you know that a customer will be required to let their face mask set for about 15 minutes, that time would be ideal to offer them a mini service like  a quick file and polish or head massage. Adding value to your client’s treatment is a fabulous idea as they will more likely be inclined to start paying for that same treatment time and time again.

2. Bring a friend
It is said that the best form of flattery is a referral and of course, the best referrals come by surprise. There is no harm in giving your clients little nudges towards introducing their friends and family to your business. Rather than merely suggesting that your client brings a friend along next time, why not check out our brand new Phorest Referral Card which is part of our loyalty programme? If you're not a Phorest client, think about personalising business cards, perhaps turning them into a space to leave a name for a referral.

The personalised element of this card makes the client feel good, meaning that they would be much more likely to encourage someone to come try out your services for themselves. You could go one step further and leave a space on the card for your client to write down the name of whoever they think would most appreciate being brought along for a sample service like, for example, a mini-manicure. This is one of the best ways to increase your client database. The idea is that the friend will be super-impressed and become a loyal, full-price paying client. Another part of the Phorest loyalty system, the TreatCard, rewards clients with loyalty points for referrals, which has been proven to get salon clients to come back more often and spend more money.

3. Three for two
You only have to look at health and beauty retailer Boots to see how successful a three for two offer can be. I mean, who among us can resist picking up some products when we feel like we are getting one for free?

A great way to put this salon special offer into practice without feeling as though you're giving away products is to ensure that only ever the cheapest of the three items is given for free. Say, for example, a client is interested in a toner, cleanser and moisturiser. The toner might be the cheapest product, and the mask considerably more pricey, meaning that you should make a decent profit regardless while still giving your client the feeling that they’ve been treated.

4. Oh, happy day
If you find that one day of your working week tends to repeatedly attract less business, why not create a buzz, both in the salon and on your social media, about your salon’s "Happy Day"? Choose a day you think could be busier and spread the word that, on that particular day, all clients will walk away with a special Treat Jar. The jar could be filled with sample/small products related to the client’s treatment. For example, if somebody is having a manicure, you could pop in a sample hand cream and nail file.

Another idea would be that, for someone having a full-body massage, you could put together a Treat Jar containing some exfoliator and maybe a sample of a body oil to help your client prolong their treatment. Look to Pinterest for super cute, affordable Treat Jar ideas.

5. Monthly look – celeb birthday 
Stuck for ideas on packages? This is a fun salon special offer to consider. Why not put Google to the test and assign a celebrity to each month in your salon according to that star’s birthday?

You could put together a salon special offer package without reducing prices and base it on a particular celebrity’s look. For example, Kim Kardashian would be a good one for October. How about a make-up contour masterclass with a little glass of champagne? It's about giving your clients the star treatment they deserve.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 11th Aug 2016

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