Sponsored story: Give your skin a boost with Yon-Ka

Yon-Ka Paris, a perfect symbiosis of science and nature
Yon-Ka Paris is a pioneering, visionary and 100% French brand established in 1954. Nature, science, efficiency, wellness and high-touch expertise are at the heart of its research. 

For more than 60 years, the Yon-Ka laboratory has expanded and refined its expertise of the use of plant extracts and aromatic essential oils that are pristinely grown and certified.

More nature, for greater healing potential
Since 1954, our team of scientists have been devoted to the selection of innovative and natural active ingredients.

These efficient ingredients originate both from the land and the water and include aquatic botanical extracts rich in super anti-oxidants and polyphenols; tissue building and preserving peptides; exfoliating fruit acids; plant stem cells; and vitamins and minerals.

The Yon-Ka Paris product range also draws on biotechnologies, like hyaluronic acid for hydration and anti-ageing effect, and yeast extract to stimulate elastin production.

Boost your favourite cream
Yon-Ka customises treatments according to the skin’s changing needs. Most women are impressed with the results of their day cream and loyally use it with confidence as part of their daily routine. Yet, knowing that the needs of the skin can change, they also want to be able to adapt their routine when the skin may need it the most, i.e. during times of fatigue, seasonal changes, and so on.

Who better than Yon-Ka, the ultimate customisation brand, to meet their needs? After launching its very first customised products in 1960, Yon-Ka is now reaffirming its customised care policy thanks to a new Booster collection.

The Yon-Ka Boosters consist of four targeted treatments, exploding with natural active ingredients. The treatments are designed to customise day and night creams so they can address a multitude of needs and cover all that is unique to a woman’s beauty requirements.

Discover Yon-Ka and the Booster line at www.yonka.co.uk