The skin benefits of St Tropez’s Purity Vitamins Bronzing Waters

Are you looking for something new and innovative to add to your tanning menu? Then, check out St Tropez’s Purity Vitamins Professional Bronzing Water Mist, which helps the skin to stimulate more vitamin D by mimicking the effects of the sun without the harmful effects of UV Rays. 


How does St Tropez’s Purity Vitamins Professional Bronzing Water Mist work?

Purity Vitamins Professional Bronzing Water Mist is vegan-friendly and enriched with vitamin C and D boosters that brighten, protect and mimic the positive effects of sunshine without the harmful effects of UV rays – all as a result of our cutting-edge Sunshine Complex Technology.  

It also has a tropical fragrance that evokes feelings of happiness and has a 100% natural tanning active that results in a healthy-looking, golden glow.

What ingredients are in St Tropez’s Purity Vitamins Professional Bronzing Water Mist? 

This supercharged, 100% clean* and 95% natural tanning water contains the brand’s Sunshine Complex Technology and is expertly blended with:

These ingredients formulated together will leave your client with a glow that fades evenly and lasts for days. For skincare junkies, the quality ingredients will be a huge selling point. 

What are the benefits of using St Tropez’s new Purity Vitamins?

It means you can now offer your clients a beauty treatment that is rooted in wellbeing and has a proven skincare benefit. The formula is clear, but you’ll see the light sheen to guide application, and it will develop into a healthy, golden glow in four-to-eight hours.

Gone are the days when your spray tan clients must arrive at the salon in black clothes. New innovations have made spray tanning more convenient than ever before. Clients can enjoy a spray tan anytime, even on their lunch break, with St Tropez’s no-rinse, no-transfer formulas, and now there is a wellbeing benefit too.

*The St Tropez clean beauty standard means our formulations are free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and formaldehydes. Our fragrance inclusion is lower than 1% and materials are derived from sustainably sourced palm.

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