How to start your own skincare line

Q: I want to launch my own skincare brand. Where do I start?

Launching a skincare line requires not only total belief but a real passion for your products, so centre your brand on something you love – whether that’s a natural approach to beauty, science-led or something different altogether.

You also need to consider where your range will sit in the market and thoroughly research the competition you’ll be facing. It’s about creating a USP that really differentiates your brand.

Consistency is also key. Think about the visuals of your brand and make sure they translate through your packaging, website, social media and PR – it should be a united message and this repetition should also make it memorable.

You then need to formulate a launch strategy, clearly mapping out each stage of your big unveil. For example, which areas you plan to do in-house and which elements you may outsource – like PR and marketing or asset creation.

Figure out key dates and important industry occasions to launch your products at, as this will help you retain clarity when things become overwhelming.

A third party’s objective eye can be incredibly valuable because when you’re close to a project it can be hard to take a step back.

Tamsin StylesTamsin Styles is chief executive of British brand Ark Skincare. She oversees product development, marketing, brand partnerships and distribution.

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