The best stretching techniques to use during a male intimate wax

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Q: What are the best stretching techniques to use during a male intimate wax?

Positioning your client correctly during an intimate wax is fundamental to an effective service. Using the right stretch movements will reduce discomfort and stop unnecessary skin trauma, bruising or hair breakage.

Communication is key because asking your client to adopt what can be slightly embarrassing positions won’t be well received if he isn’t prepared. Also, to help with the stretch of the skin, you will need your client’s participation. You only have one pair of hands so they’ll often need to contribute to pulling the skin taut.

Talk your client through what will happen and make sure he washes his hands beforehand so that the areas being waxed won’t be at risk of bacteria. When getting on the bed, ask your client to lie flat and place a pillow under his head for support.

Then, position his legs in the number four position – where you bend the leg, placing the bottom of his right foot on the inside of his left leg and vice versa – as this will give a good stretch around the inner thigh and groin area, allowing you to work on the scrotum. Stretch but don’t press the scrotum when applying and removing the wax.

Bringing the knees up to the chest and dropping them to the sides, known as the frog position, will keep skin tight to allow you to work on hair on the underside of the scrotum and perineum.

Clients will need to assist you in the stretch by pulling skin upwards.

Lisa StoneLisa Stone is a wax expert and educator for Just Wax distributor Salon System. She trains therapists up and down the country and has 20 years’ experience.

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