Summer waxing treatment tips, with Andy Rouillard

Published 24th Aug 2020 by PB Admin
Summer waxing treatment tips, with Andy Rouillard

As the sunny weather rolls on after lockdown, it is likely that clients will arrive for their appointments warmer and perspiring more than normal. Hot, clammy skin is a nightmare to wax, so don’t skimp on the pre-wax cleanser.

Just Wax Expert Cleanse & Prime can be applied directly to the body with your gloved hands to quickly cool and prep the area, then wiped off with cotton pads. Its serum texture liquefies when massaged into the skin to remove all traces of perspiration and body lotions.

High temperatures can play havoc with your peelable wax, too. Good news, Just Wax Expert Hot Waxes set in under 20 seconds and have a visual indicator to let you know exactly when they are ready to come off, which is a blessing in stuffy treatment rooms.

Nonetheless, if you find your wax is taking too long to set on the body in this humid weather, simply dampen a cotton pad with water and wipe over the top to rapidly cool and harden any gummy patches.

Bikini lines and underarms are top of the list for summer waxing and the Just Wax Expert hot waxes are the perfect choice for these sensitive areas and tough hairs.

The boys are also getting in on the action with a noticeable rise in back and chest hair removal at this time of year. Salon System’s new Just Wax Expert Advanced Hot Wax Cream has launched just in time to make the process more pleasurable for everyone – ideal for facial and intimate waxing, its soft, creamy texture is also fantastic for larger areas where strip wax would traditionally be used. As an added bonus, its zesty orange fragrance brings a touch of the tropics to the treatment room.

Top summer waxing tip 

Help customers keep their skin in super condition by retailing a bottle of Just Wax Expert Protect & Calm lotion. Jam-packed with natural moisturising oils, this silky lotion sinks in quickly and can be used all over the body. The addition of anti-inflammatory marshmallow extract makes it especially soothing after sun exposure, helping to keep the skin soft and hydrated between waxing appointments.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Aug 2020

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