Covid-19: wearing face masks sees eye make-up sales soar 3%

Published 24th Aug 2020 by PB Admin
Covid-19: wearing face masks sees eye make-up sales soar 3%

Sales of eye make-up in the prestige beauty market have increased by 3% during and after coronavirus lockdown as a result of face masks becoming mandatory in public areas, found new data by market analyst The NPD Group.

Pre-lockdown, eye make-up only accounted for 22% of total prestige make-up sales but post-lockdown it now accounts for 25%, found the report. Mascara and eye shadows have driven the increase in sales the most as consumers look to make more of their eyes while wearing face coverings.

Make-up products for brows also remained constant during lockdown at 4% and increased to 5% post-lockdown, found the data. This shift to the eyes isn’t surprising, especially as Pinterest recently reported that coloured eyeliner is among the biggest beauty search terms this year

Meanwhile, The NPD Group also found that the lip segment of the prestige market has taken a hit since face coverings have become mandatory, with its sales in the sector decreasing from 14% pre-lockdown to 12% post-lockdown, showing a change in consumer habits. 

“The popularity of eye make-up can be attributed to increased experimentation at home and wearing make-up while socialising with family and friends virtually or during conference calls with colleagues. We have also witnessed initiatives such as the #maskmakeup challenge, which encouraged make-up experimentation,” said Emma Fishwick, account manager, NPD UK Beauty.

“As consumers are required to wear face coverings in shops, on public transport and other public spaces, the lip segment has declined in share, driven largely by a decline in demand of lip colour as the lip area is no longer visible when wearing a mask.” 

Have you noticed a change in clients habits and buying behaviour during and after Covid-19 lockdown? Comment below. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Aug 2020

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