33% of DIY at-home beauty treatments are corrected by a professional

More than a third of women have experienced a beauty nightmare while attempting DIY treatments at home, found a study by shopping destination centre:mk, making consumers realise the importance of visiting a beauty professional. 

Unsurprisingly, 33% ended up seeing a beauty therapist to get their mishap fixed, showing the importance of visiting a professional to get the best results. 

Leg waxing, applying lashes and self-tanning are among the treatments consumers have tried to carry out themselves the most, the report found, and for 34%, their at-home services resulted in disasters such as upper lip burns caused by hair-removal creams or their eyebrows being shaved off completely. 

Other survey respondents said they have also experienced streaky fake tans, stubborn wax that wouldn’t come off their skin and reactions to homemade face masks. More than a quarter (27%) roped in their partner to help them with treatments, while 12% asked their children for assistance, the report found. 

Top 20 beauty treatments women have tried at home:

  1. Face masks (64%)
  2. Hair-removal cream (64%)
  3. Hair dye (61%)
  4. Hair cut (43%)
  5. Fringe trim (43%)
  6. Leg waxing (41%)
  7. Hair mask (41%)
  8. Self-tan (41%)
  9. Pedicure (40%)
  10. Foot exfoliator mask (38%)
  11. Face peel (37%)
  12. Applying lashes (29%)
  13. Facial (28%)
  14. Removing gel-polish (28%)
  15. Teeth whitening (26%)
  16. Bikini line waxing (25%)
  17. Foot mask (25%)
  18. Face massage (24%)
  19. Upper lip waxing (22%)
  20. Steam facial (22%)

Why do consumers try doing treatments at home:

More than a quarter (34%) said they tried doing treatments at home because beauty makes them feel good and 28% said self-care has helped them through tough times. Women have typically attempted two beauty treatments at home, the report found. 

When it comes to Covid-19 lockdown, more than a third feel it has made them appreciate me-time more than ever, while a quarter have realised they need to take more time out for themselves. 

The treatments clients missed having in salon the most during the lockdown included eyebrow shaping, gel-polish manicures, eyebrow threading, pedicures and waxing, the report found. 

During a typical week women spend, on average, 76 minutes on me-time, including going for walks, practising yoga, meditation, listening to music and enjoying face masks. 

“The ‘I can do that at home’ thought has led to a wide range of epic beauty fails all women can relate to and often with hilarious results,” said Kim Priest from centre:mk, who commissioned the research.

“It seems that some simple beauty hacks can go well from home, but for those more challenging, it’s best left with the experts and a trip to the salon is called for.”

Methodology: 2,000 UK women were polled from July 30–August 8 for centre:mk’s survey about the beauty treatments they’ve tried at home in the past, as well as some more coronavirus lockdown-specific questions.

Have you had to correct any DIY beauty treatments in salon? Tell us your story below.