Sustainability and “beauty snacking” top WGSN’s 2022 beauty trends

Published 08th Dec 2021 by PB Admin
Sustainability and “beauty snacking” top WGSN’s 2022 beauty trends

Consumers’ efforts to make societal changes are predicted to be reflected in their shopping habits in 2022, according to research by trend forecaster WGSN.

Usability and sustainability are set to be the focus when purchasing beauty products according to the report.

Waterless beauty

Waterless washing products which conserve water are set to trend as consumers reach for products such as showerless shampoo and shaving products that don’t require the use of water.


Korean and Japanese beauty markets are continuing to lead the trends, such as fermented beauty products, as consumers search for potent ingredients that last longer. 

Fermentation allows for the breakdown of molecules thanks to the released enzymes, allowing product to penetrate the skin more deeply.

The process of fermentation also cultivates the growth of bacteria such as lactic and acetic acids, which act as natural preservatives, prolonging the shelf life of these products.

The two-minute make-up bag

Consumers are searching for fast, low maintenance make-up looks and techniques as the “two-minute make-up bag” is set to become popular.

Products in this new era of make-up bag will concentrate on new and smarter beauty hacks that deliver better results with less effort, money, and commitment.

Beauty snacking

Beauty snacking, which emerged during lockdown, consists of small beauty boosts to help people get through the day, a bit like reaching for a sugary snack to get through a 3pm slump.

Ranging from five-minute eye masks to lip scrubs and indulgent hand creams, beauty snacks incorporate micro beauty moments into consumers’ lives.

Seaweed and seawater

As consumers aim to reconnect with nature, they are being driven to seek the natural benefits of open water and outdoor spas, turning to wild bathing.

Products that bring nature inside and replicate outdoor bathing are set to trend, with products based around ingredients like seaweed and seawater.

Coastal ingredients

Coastal-foraged ingredients will also become sought after, valued for their soothing, hydrating, detoxifying, therapeutic, and transportive ability.

Ingredients such as sea fennel, kelp and algae will be seen more in new products as consumers turn to local, seasonal, and wild-harvested items that benefit both their skin and their environment.

Which trend will you be bringing into your treatments in the new year?

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Dec 2021

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