Galactic and ocean-inspired nail art and bejewelled pedicures among Pinterest’s beauty trends for 2022

Published 07th Dec 2021 by PB Admin
Galactic and ocean-inspired nail art and bejewelled pedicures among Pinterest’s beauty trends for 2022

Nail art that depicts dreamy oceanscapes, deserts or galactic scenes, blinged-up pedicures and crystal eye make-up looks are going to be the hottest beauty trends next year, according to the Pinterest Predicts 2022 Report. 

Nail art will be a big player for the beauty industry in 2022, with landscape-inspired nail designs set to be the biggest trend, according to the social media platform’s report, which analyses the global search volume data from its 400 million users per month. 

Although constellation-inspired “galaxy nail art” is top with a +115% increase by pinners in searches year-on-year, cool and moody “desert nails” will also be big, with a +105% soar in searches for the same period, the report found.

Gorgeous “ocean nails acrylics” (searches up +5x), mesmerising “aurora nails” (up +4x) and cool “geode nail art” (up +2x) are also set to be among the most sought-after designs, so be sure to add them to your portfolio of work via cool videos that show off the intricacies of the designs. 

In stark contrast, the chequered trend is also set to grow in popularity next year – “millennials and boomers in particular are driving this trend”, states the social media platform – with searches by pinners for this alternative nail look also up +165%. 

Another beauty trend prediction set to be big in 2022 is creative accessorising of the body, with generation Z opting for accessories that “go way beyond the basic earring, cuff or layered necklace,” states the report.  

Adding a touch of “bling” to beauty treatments will be big, as searches for “pedicure with rhinestones” are up +150% year-on-year, the report says, as well as bejewelled make-up looks, with “crystal eye make-up” the most trending look (searches up +100%). Make sure to have this sparkly add-on to hand in salon to take clients’ services to the next level.

Meanwhile, when it comes to wellness, “emotional escape rooms” (aka “safe places for feels”) will also be big, states the platform, as people designate rooms in their homes to “decompress, vibe and rage”. 

As such, searches for “crystal rooms” are up +8x, while “home massage room” is up +190x, showing that people are creating more dedicated spaces at home to focus on their self-care and wellbeing. The platform states that all age groups are driving searches for these rooms, so make sure to keep items in your retail area that can help customers transform areas in their house into wellness spaces. 

Apparently, generation Z are also “looking for ways to raise their vibration” (up +145%) and “how to protect their energy” (up +60%), highlighting a spiritual awakening within this age group, the report predicts. 

Pinterest states in its report that eight out of 10 of its predictions for 2021 came true, which included skinimalism and bold brows.

Read the Pinterest Predicts 2022 Report now. 

The social media platform’s report is constructed from data of its global search volumes, analysing figures between October 2019–September 2021, to figure out what people are searching and pinning. 

What do you make of Pinterest’s beauty trend predictions for 2022? Tell us below. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 07th Dec 2021

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