Tailored treatment

Published 22nd May 2017 by PB Admin
Tailored treatment

Experiencing complete personalisation with an in-depth Exuviance facial at London’s Mortar & Milk clinic

The story: Skincare brand Exuviance’s treatments are offered in spas, clinics and salons, including the stylish Mortar & Milk clinic in Fulham, West London.

Although a fan of the brand’s products, I had never tried an Exuviance facial before and was excited when an opportunity came up to have one with clinic founder Pam Marshall.

The treatment: Marshall doesn’t book clients in for a specific treatment, instead scheduling an “initial consultation and bespoke treatment” to assess the person’s needs before deciding what would work best for them.

All first appointments are two hours: a one-hour consultation followed by a one-hour treatment. The consultation was the most in-depth I’ve ever had and not only covered my skin characteristics and concerns but also took my lifestyle, health and dietary habits into account.

Marshall also took a series of pictures with the Observ 520 camera, showing the condition of my skin on a range of concerns, including hydration, pigmentation, UV damage, vascular conditions and lines and wrinkles. She adapted the treatment to what emerged; including that my combination skin was dehydrated and that I had some small pigmentation clusters.

After a double cleanse using the Gentle Cleansing Creme and Clarifying Facial Cleanser, Marshall applied the exfoliating Triple Microdermabrasion, followed by a peel of 20% mandelic acid layered with 20% glycolic acid, to which my non-sensitive skin responded well.

Other products incorporated into the treatment included the Pigment Lifting Masque for the slight sun damage on my cheekbones and the Anti Redness Calming Serum for restorative post-peel effect.

I loved the Mortar & Milk treatment. Not only did my skin look fresher and brighter afterwards, but Marshall took more time to get to know me and my skin than during any other consultation I’ve had, and who wouldn’t want a treatment that’s been created just for them?

Business boost: As a respected, science-led brand whose treatments deliver results, Exuviance has a lot to bring to a spa menu, including an extensive range of products to retail for at-home use.
Tried by Nora Elias

Marshall charges £150 for a treatment (first visits are two-hour appointments, follow-up appointments are one hour) at Mortar & Milk. Exuviance recommends spas to charge between £80 and £150 for its facials.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 22nd May 2017

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