Targeting millennials will pay off for your spa

Guest blog: Dedicate some special attention to making your offer appealing to millennials and they will flock to the spa, says Zoe Wall 

Millennials like to compare information and prices across different websites before booking an experience or purchasing a retail item. Going online is one of their favourite things to do and as such they are very aware of the market trends, knowing exactly what they want. Gone are the days when a signature treatment was the ultimate spa experience. Millennials want way more than this – they want customisation. 

Customisation equals personalisation so spas need to be able to set up an experience based on the client’s individual needs because this will make millennials more likely to purchase and be loyal to their brand. Most people in this age group aren’t earning the highest salary but they desire travel and adventure, and make sure that they do everything they can to get the best deal for the most unique experience. Treatment availability at the click of a button or via instant messaging is also key for this market. 

When you offer a treatment that’s not available in any other spa and lives up to this “bespoke” expectation then millennials will post, tweet and hashtag their experience at your business on social media. Word of mouth, online reviews and instant satisfaction are very important, because this client group refuses to settle for an ordinary, average and less memorable experience. 

Utilising social media can be daunting and overwhelming, however, this is millennials’ go-to tool and you should be maximising your business exposure on it to make your customers' life easy. 

Zoe Wall is group director of spa for MSpa International, overseeing Anantara and Avani spas in South East Asia, China and the Maldives. She was also a speaker at the 2018 WSW Asia Convention.