Introducing the 'go-to' company for all things shapewear related

macom® offers anti cellulite and body shaping treatments ‘on the go’ through their latest technology of patented smart fibre and pioneering compression garments.

The CRYSTALSMOOTH® anti cellulite leggings are scientifically proven to reduce cellulite, boost collagen production and improve lymphatic drainage. The leggings harness the energy of heat to create infrared rays using non-visible light wavelengths to create energy, which interact with the skin. This means that the body is able to unblock fat lymph cells – a common cause of cellulite - flush out toxins and optimize health and wellbeing by regular use.    


Detoxing aside, the stimulation of microcirculation encourages better blood flow and collagen production, which combined with removing cellular debris from the lymph system makes the skin soft and silky to the touch. The leggings are also ideal for anyone who likes to exercise as the increase in blood flow to the peripheries and muscles will help counter the build-up of lactic acid and other substances associated with muscle damage during exercise. There is also a luxurious sleepwear range for those who prefer to treat cellulite while they sleep.

The shapewear range includes WAISTSCULPTOR corsets that cinches in waists, hips and tums with results previously only achieved through tummy tucks or surgical body sculpting like liposuction. The much praised shapewear range took over a decade to develop through the company being the leading provider of medical compression garments and gaining insider knowledge on body shaping which now has translated into the WAISTSCULPTOR range.

Come and find out about the latest cutting edge garments in the aesthetic market by visiting macom® CRYSTALSMOOTH® on stand N87 at Professional Beauty London on 26 - 27 February 2017. Register here for your FREE ticket.