The key to making your tanning services more bespoke

Published 26th May 2016 by PB Admin
The key to making your tanning services more bespoke

The key to making your tanning services more bespoke:

The most essential part to creating a bespoke treatment is to understand exactly what your client wants to achieve by offering a consultation prior to the treatment. This will allow you to offer the most appropriate tan for that individual client. Pay attention to key information including what your client might be wearing or why they are having a tan.

Solution choice is important to create tailored end results; in tanning, one shade doesn’t fit all skin types. Having a range of percentages allows you to recommend the most appropriate solution, it also means you can offer existing clients a different end result for certain occasions. For example, during the summer months they may feel more confident to go slightly darker as they already have a base colour.

For those extra-special occasions we always recommend our therapists offer “tanning fittings”. This encourages the client to have a test tan prior to a special occasion and make a note of the number of days after the tan that they thought it looked best. You will then be able to book the event tan on the relevant day so you can ensure they glow with confidence.

Training is a key element and when promoted correctly can help to set you apart from the competition and establish you as an expert in your field. Look for opportunities that will add extra value to your treatments – Sienna X offers a masterclass that teaches you the art of body contouring and shows you how to create bespoke tanning menus.

Nicola Matthews is chief executive and founder of spray tan brand Sienna X, which offers a wide range of tanning solutions and equipment along with accredited spray tan training for therapists.

Image: ©Sienna X

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 26th May 2016

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