The UK’s most popular beauty salon name is…

The Beauty Box is the most popular name for beauty and hairdressing businesses in the UK, with 134 salons currently using it, found business loan provider Esme Loans latest report.

Businesses in the North East and West of England are registered with the name the most, with 52 salons called it, followed by 33 sites in Birmingham and close surrounding areas, and 37 in Greater London. 

Most popular hair and beauty salon names

Hollywood Nails came in second place with 102 UK salons registered as this, followed by 96 different places called Cutting Edge, 77 House of Hairs and 48 Mirror Mirrors. 

Esme Loans gathered these results from the names of 27,323 registered hair and beauty businesses in the UK. 

What do you think is the most common beauty salon name in the UK?