Therapists reveal most shocking salon experiences

Therapists have revealed their most shocking in-salon experiences and client interactions.

Salon supplier Salons Direct asked UK beauty professionals to share their most shocking or embarrassing moments at work via a survey to give an insight into the unique relationship between therapists and their clients.

“I walked into a spray tan and the client had a Top Cat sock on his penis!” revealed a spray tanner, while another therapist shared that a client involuntarily created a messy situation mid-wax because of a stomach bug.

Waxing appeared to be the source of many an embarrassing beauty situation: “I was doing an intimate wax and found myself complementing the client’s vagina,” said one therapist, and another revealed in the survey that a client managed to “glue herself shut” when attempting to perform a Hollywood wax on herself at home after she couldn’t get an appointment at the salon.

The survey results also included tales of shocking situations clients had found themselves in and then shared with their therapist, showing the level of intimacy fostered by many client-therapist relationships.

One therapist answered: “A client met a guy on Tinder and was talking to him for a month before she decided to meet up. Eventually, he told her that he was phoning from prison and the pictures weren’t of him.”

Danielle Jones, marketing director at Salons Direct, commented: “We commissioned this survey to find out more about the special client-stylist bond. It’s something that quite often extends way beyond professionalism into the amazingly informal, hilarious and just plain awkward.

“Clients clearly trust their stylist and are happy sharing their stories – and sometimes more – about themselves. What these honest responses show is that the salon floor is definitely much more than a place for foils and pedicures; it’s a time to be treated, be open and enjoy yourself.”