The best ingredients for treating brown spots

Q: Which ingredients are best to treat brown spots?

Even skin tone is one of the most common goals for my clients, especially in the summer when they have spent time in the sun. When treating a client, remember that sometimes an uneven complexion has nothing to do with their skin health – the over-production of pigment is to blame, and this can be extremely frustrating for clients.

Advise them to invest in products that contain natural skin brighteners such as liquorice, daisy flower and mulberry extract, as well acids such as azeliac, kojic, lactic and glycolic that aid with cell regeneration and correction of uneven skin tone.

Along with the daily application of brightening agents, a full-spectrum sun protection must be worn every day to prevent stimulation of pigment.

Uneven skin will meet its match with results-driven treatments that use powerful AHA and BHA blends. A mixture of advanced exfoliators and revitalising ingredients will rejuvenate and repair pigmentation.

However, prevention is always better than the cure. Recommend that your clients wear a large hat and stay out of direct sunlight, and apply at least an SPF 30 with a physical protection every day as this will reflect UV rays away.

Charlene Stoker

Charlene Stoker
 is head of UK education for Image Skincare and has been in the industry for 12 years. Stoker used to suffer with acne and this is what drives her to give clients the best advice for their skin.

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