These new products offer a fresh approach to flawless summer tans

Published 08th Aug 2017 by PB Admin
These new products offer a fresh approach to flawless summer tans

Sienna X Clear Solution

Sienna X is launching two new tailored Spray Tan Solutions, one aimed at brides and one for men. The first is a guideless spray for those who prefer not to wear a guide colour or want to avoid any colour transfer onto bridal gowns after a last-minute tan. It sprays on clear and develops over eight hours with the brand’s signature fragrance and organic aloe vera and avocado extracts, with 8% DHA. Developed specifically for male clients, the second is scented with a unisex musk and vetiver fragrance and also uses an 8% DHA for a light to medium finish.

0333 600 1200

Norvell Xlatan

US tanning brand Norvell has launched Pre-Sunless Xlatan pH Balanching Spray. The fine, alcohol-free mist is applied before self tan to prepare skin, minimise orange tones and help extend the tan for as long as possible. The spray boosts skin’s amino acid levels and works directly with DHA in the subsequent tan, while an antioxidant fruit prime extract blend adjusts skin’s pH levels for a more natural-looking tan.

020 8498 7284 

MineTan Coconut MousseNew to the UK this summer is Australian tanning brand MineTan. The professional and home-use products are formulated with different skin tones and needs in mind. There are six formulas, each available in a professional mist solution or a home-use mousse. In addition there is a gradual tan. Various depths of colour can be achieved. For example, there is a green base for a dark olive tan; dark ash for an “intense Brazilian skin tone”; and violet for a rich, bronzed look.

01827 280080 (Grafton International)

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Aug 2017

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