75% of Britons have "no idea" if beauty products bought online are safe

Three quarters of Britons have ‘no idea’ about the safety or legality of the products they buy online, according to research by the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists (BABTAC).

Plus more than half of the 2,511 British adults surveyed were unhappy with the home-treatment products, with one in five stating they had experienced "severe" effects such as allergy flare-ups, rashes, unexpected soreness and redness.

Many are prepared to risk their safety in order to get a cheaper price on DIY beauty products, with respondents making an average saving of £6.75 when buying online rather than from a salon or the high street, the research revealed.

Babtac chairman Jason Phillips said: “It’s crazy that people are so desperate to hunt for the best bargain that they are prepared to sacrifice their health, risking so much just to get whiter teeth or a better tan.”

The five most popular home beauty treatment products bought online were:

  1. Tanning products – 45%
  2. Teeth-whitening kits – 39%
  3. Eyelash-extensions kits – 32%
  4. Hair dyes – 28%
  5. Nail and hair supplements – 26%

Meanwhile, 14% said they had purchased products with which to carry out "intimate hair removal treatments". But the majority (85%) said they were not concerned about the prospect of adverse effects when buying beauty products online.