Totally UK shares initiatives to support your business during Covid-19

Covid-19 has presented new challenges for us all. However it has also given us valuable time away from the usual daily tasks; time to reflect and time to innovate so we can emerge with new and improved ways of doing business.

Initially the team at Totally UK focused on supporting our existing trade partners. Four skin specific Germaine de Capuccini facial kits ‘Treat Yourself Pro’ were created. Using professional ampoules and masks along with travel sizes, salons and spas could continue to provide clients with the results they achieve with professional skin treatments. 

Alongside the kits, videos were provided to ensure clients could easily follow each step, master product applications and learn techniques. Finally, templates of images, videos and copy were shared to make it easy for partners to make their own social posts or to simply forward to their existing database.

The kits also contained a £5 voucher for the client to redeem back at their usual Germaine De Cappucini stockist when booking their next facial. Totally UK will then reimburse the provider; the focus – to get people back to their regular treatment regime.

It also became apparent early on that hand sanitiser was going to be a permanent edition to our life and with shortages, London Spa Company set about creating an Antibacterial Sanitising Gel to ensure our stockists would have supplies when they reopened.

With restrictions in travel across the country we turned to providing training support via online platforms. A plan to run a series of business support seminars during 2020 with Valerie Delforge changed direction to webinars on marketing and retail. It continued to provide much needed support for spa managers and salon owners and gave a focus for improving their business as well as a safe place to share questions and emotions.

Since then we have begun a series of webinars providing information on new product ranges and refresher training. Bespoke sessions are also being designed where required.

Feedback has been extremely positive, not only does it provide an opportunity for therapists who have been on furlough to get reengaged prior to reopening, but it also provides efficiencies, saving both time and money in travel and accommodation costs for attendees. 

Going forward, we will continue to provide modular training for pre-learning and to enable stockists to train at convenient times, afterhours or over a weekend to assist them to maximise their diary for client bookings.

We have been here for our clients during lockdown and are ready to go in a new direction when they reopen. Find out more about how to partner with Germaine de Cappuccini here.

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