Habia-endorsed trans awareness course for the spa industry launches

A new trans awareness course for the spa industry, endorsed by Habia, has launched to help spa owners attract, welcome, and serve trans clients at the same level they do everyone else. 

The newest course – Trans Awareness for Spas – has been created in response to trans awareness educator and salon owner Sam Marshall, and Keri Blue from Hair Has No Gender, discovering that very few transgender people feel comfortable visiting a spa. 

The spa-specific course for spa therapists covers managing dysphoria during treatment, and using the correct pronouns and titles, as well as the correct language to use on your website and consultation forms

It also explains treatment adjustments, inclusive marketing, managing temporary non-surgical alterations (wigs and binders), de-gendering services and understanding non-binary.

The course costs £197pp online via Zoom or priced on application when done in-house. You can book it by contacting Marshall via email on sam@thebeautyguru.me where you request a call back to discuss further.

Marshall also runs another course – Introduction to Trans Awareness for Hair, Nails and Beauty – which she launched in 2020, which covers where most people go wrong when it comes to transgender clients and staff, the common mistakes people make, and how to implement a new business and marketing strategy so you can see your business thrive.

“It also covers how opening your doors to more transgender clients and staff enables you to create a more positive and inclusive experience for anyone who walks through your door,” said Marshall. 

This introductory course costs £97pp and is delivered online over Zoom. Book it by contacting Marshall via email on sam@thebeautyguru.me where you request a call back to discuss further.

Industry reactions

Both the courses have received endorsements from key industry figureheads such as session tech Marian Newman, the British Beauty Council’s chief executive Millie Kendall, and the National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF).

“Inclusivity, diversity and understanding – we work in a service industry dealing with people of all ages, sizes, colours, and genders, and those three words should be a given. Sadly, they are often not, but maybe just a little understanding is all that is needed,” said Newman. 

“Today’s world of ‘gender identification’ can be a bit of a mystery to many, but those working in the beauty sector need to park their personal opinions at the door. The programme developed is a wonderful way to gain an understanding so we can be caring, empathetic and non-offensive (even if it may be accidental).” 

Helena Grzesk, chief operating officer at the British Beauty Council, commented: “Every hair and beauty brand, business owner and practitioner should complete the trans awareness training and ensure they are educated to represent, respect, and welcome everyone that they serve – not only their customers, but also their colleagues and peers in an inclusive way.” 

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