Transport for London to review "sexist" tube advert by beauty and wellness app Uspaah

Published 15th Mar 2017 by PB Admin
Transport for London to review "sexist" tube advert by beauty and wellness app Uspaah

Transport for London are reviewing a tube advert by beauty and wellness app Uspaah after receiving a series of complaints from commuters.

The company’s advert shows a sad looking man with the message “Out with the guys ‘till 4am again…?! Keep her sweet with a spa mani/pedi at home” and features the hashtag #saveyourself.

The ad has been slammed on Twitter by commuters as “sexist”, with many venting their frustrations:

Despite the uproar, the company is standing by its campaign. Iglika Ghouse, founder and chief executive of Uspaah, told The Sun Online: “We are aware that our cheeky campaign has caused a bit of a stir on Twitter among commuters. The campaign draws on funny anecdotal experiences of our own lives as strong independent business leaders, wives, partners and girlfriends.

“We stand by our advert whole heartedly and we’re busy planning our next set of campaigns. Just because it is 2017 does not mean couples don’t argue and as far as we are aware it’s still ok to receive a gift as part of an apology.

“For all the negativity we’ve also received hundreds of positive and supportive messages from people all over the world on how difficult it is to not offend someone in 2017.”

Transport for London are working with their advertising partner to review the content and “to assess what further action to take”, said a company spokesman. “In some cases, adverts are referred to us for further review. Had this advert been referred to us, we would have worked with the advertiser to amend it.”

Uspaah is an on-demand beauty and wellness app, offering massage, nail and other beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home.

What do you make of the advert? Tell us your thoughts below.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 15th Mar 2017

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